• How to send me your pet Photo
    ► The best practice is to send multiple photos of your pet to pictures@portraitofpet.com. Please use the same email you used to place the order, or send me your order number in the email.
    ► If you only have one picture of your pet, you can ask me by email if the photo will work for a portrait and I will reply to you within few hours.
  • Canvas Wrap Specifications
    ► Poly-Cotton Canvas 310gsm
    ► 300 DPI Printing
    ► 1.25" (3cm) Wooden Frame
    ► Black Wrap (borders of the canvas wrap are black)
  • Digital File Specifications
    ► JPG file only (I do not send any other format)
    ► Standard resolution 3000x4000px
    ► Higher resolution available upon request (without additional cost)
  • Processing & Production Times
    ► At checkout you may choose Express Processing (1-2 business days). This means that your order will be proceed quickly and that you will receive your preview within 1 to 2 business days after placing your order and sending your pictures.
    ► If you choose Standard Processing (3-5 business days). This means that your order will be proceed within 3 to 5 business days after placing your order and sending your pictures.
    ► Once you confirm that you like the preview, the portrait will be sent to production. The printing process before your order is shipped out takes 7-9 business days.
    ► If you ordered a digital file, you will get the clean version right after I received your feedbacks on the preview.
  • Shipping
    ► Once the product is printed, it is shipped with FedEx or UPS. A tracking number will be available.
    ► Free Shipping for United States (except Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico).
    ► Shipping time: 3-5 business days.
    ► Shipping price outside of the United States is calculated at checkout. The shipping time is 5-14 business days, depending on the country.
  • Preview and Confirmation
    ► You will receive a preview of the portrait before the portrait is finished. The preview has a watermark applied on it. This watermark doesn’t appear on the clean version. I won’t complete your order or print anything before you have confirm the preview and before you are 100% satisfy with the portrait.
  • Unlimited Revision
    ► Each portrait is the combination of ONE artwork and ONE pet photo.
    ► Once I send you the preview, you can ask me for unlimited revision of the portrait, which means unlimited revision of this specific combination of pet photo and artwork.
    ► However, you CANNOT ask to change the artwork (i.e. use a different body) or ask me to use a different photo of your pet. This requieres to start all over again from scratch and it is out of the scope of the unlimited revision policy.
    ► If you would like to receive a new preview with another artwork (i.e. renaissance body) or with a different pet photo, you will be asked to pay a 5 USD switching fee. This fee will allow you to choose a new combination of photo and artwork. However, this means that your original order is no longer elligible for cancellation and money back.
    ► If you would like to cancel your order after receiving the new preview with the new artwork or the new photo, only the switching fee will be refunded to you. Your original order will not be refunded.
    ► After paying the switching fee, you will only receive ONE portrait. The previously made portrait is another different product. If you want two portraits, you have to place two orders.
    ► This switching option can only be used once per order.
    ► In any cases, contact me at adrien@portraitofpet.com and I will give you the instructions to proceed.
  • Return and Cancellation
    ► If you don't like the preview, you can cancel your order and get 100% money back.
    ► If you confirm that you like the preview, the order is finalized. The final version of the portrait will be printed and shipped to you. If you purchased the digital version, the portrait will be sent to you by email. All our products are customized and cannot be returned. You cannot ask for further revisions once the order is completed.
    ► If you received a product damaged or have any issue with shipping email me to support@portraitofpet.com
  • Special request
    If you have a special request, please contact me by email to adrien@portraitofpet.com. I will do my best to do whatever you want. I reply to all my emails the same day!
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